Home School Association Launches Internship and Home Guidance Program for International and Erasmus Students!

Home School systems, which are common in the world but which are started to be spoken by our association for the first time in our country, will take place on the agenda of our country in the future. Each house training and our association with the mission to transform the vision of happiness housing in Turkey; to support all kinds of educational processes in the home and family environment, to participate in the children’s learning processes, to provide school and home harmony, to strengthen family ties and to recognize the home school systems in our country. In this direction, we call on international students and Erasmus students who are studying in our country in order to reach more families. Many families have sought in Turkey, but had difficulty finding the correct address of the home directory are launching training programs.

Home Guide; It is defined as an individual in the communication of families with their children, to support them in the areas of talent / skill development and to provide coaching / mentoring to their children. Our aim is to certify individuals as EV GUIDE after the internship program and to support them to participate actively in association activities.

The Home Guide process primarily covers an internship program. Internship is focused on personal development throughout the process. Our internship program is based on increasing the capacity of the individual to do business and communication, to enable them to see job opportunities and to enrich their training and equipment.

According to the performance in the program, home guides will be brought together with families and work will be started. As a Home Guide, the expenses of the individuals who complete the process will be covered in the works to be done in the houses with families.

International or Erasmus students are expected to transfer their own culture, practice their own language and practice with their children’s hobbies.

We want the young people admitted to the program to participate in the orientation program of our association and take the trainings we deem necessary for them to do studies in their homes.

All of our trainings will be free of charge. At the end of the Prgoram, all students will be certified. An hourly payment will be made to the young people who are eligible to work in the houses. An interview will be held in the association for admission to the program.

Young people admitted to the program will be expected to support the field studies such as Astronomy Observation, Workshops, Nature Activities that we will do with children.

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